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Jodi Danyo (Founder, Owner)

Prior to the founding of CVO, Jodi (B.S. Biology, M.S. Environmental Science & Management) worked in the fields of environmental management and horticulture, and also taught environmental science at the primary, secondary, and undergraduate levels. More importantly, she worked for several years as a professional gardener for clients throughout the Pittsburgh area, during which time she honed her skills as a grower. Jodi is responsible for running the day-to-day operations of CVO. 


Samara Rosenberg

Samara is a jack of all trades and came to Cherry Valley Organics with a background in sociology and some experience in vegetable farming, herbal medicine and permaculture. While she has worked with herbal bouquets and  flowers in the past, she is actively learning all she can about organic flower production. Samara also works with a workforce development non-profit in Pittsburgh,  but on the weekends she can be found at the Cherry Valley Organics farm.




Brooke Vebelun

Brooke started working at Cherry Valley Organics this summer (2016), and loves planting seeds and watching them grow. As a busy sophomore at Burgettstown High School, she is focused on keeping good grades while making time for marching band and softball. Brooke takes a hands-on approach to everything, and works hard  tending to the plants at the farm--according to her, the work is all work  it for the payoff of seeing things grow.



Allie Logue

Allie started working at Cherry Valley Organics this summer (2016). As a Food Studies Master's degree candidate at Chatham University's Falk School of Sustainability, Allie is very interested in supporting and working with local farms, strengthening community ties, and promoting sustainable agriculture in general. Allie is interested in learning more about market production, and can be found promoting and selling Cherry Valley Organics' flowers, plants, and products at markets and events in the Pittsburgh area.





Luna is our 10-year-old beagle/lab mix, who, despite her small stature, has proven to be  a fierce rabbit, vole, and groundhog hunter. Her daily activities include chasing off deer, fighting groundhogs, valiantly protecting crops and humans, and rooting out voles. She can be found daily in our crop fields, muddy nose and all! 











Nahla is our brand new farm puppy! She is Luna's sidekick at the farm, and loves stealing gloves and taking naps in the plant beds. Nahla can be found running around the farm learning the ropes.