Originally founded by Jodi Danyo in 2001, Cherry Valley Organics has recently become a collaboration of growers (including Tim Gebhart and Allie Logue) who are doing work they love every day bringing high quality organic products to Pittsburgh communities!

Tim, Jodi, and Allie
The CVO Growers



Luna is our 12-year-old beagle/lab mix, who, despite her small stature, has proven to be  a fierce rabbit, vole, and groundhog hunter. Her daily activities include chasing off deer, fighting groundhogs, valiantly protecting crops and humans, and rooting out voles. She can be found daily in our crop fields, muddy nose and all! 











Nahla is our brand new farm puppy! She is Luna's sidekick at the farm, and loves stealing gloves and taking naps in the plant beds. Nahla can be found running around the farm learning the ropes.