Buy Organic Herbal Tea Online: Why our natural herbal tea recipes are the best

Buy Organic Herbal Tea Online: Why our natural herbal tea recipes are the best

Buy Organic Herbal Tea Online: Why our natural herbal tea recipes are the best 

Here are Cherry Valley Organics we take our tea very seriously. Made from a blend of certified organic herbs, spices, and dried fruits, our organic herbal teas are prepared in small batches and hand-packed into biodegradable tea bags. Every herb we use in our natural herbal tea is grown right here on our small Pennsylvania farm, and we carefully select each ingredient to create our seven incredible herbal tea recipes. Whether you buy our tea blends directly from our farmers market stand or you want to buy organic herbal tea online, we have a great selection of flavors you'll love.
Cherry Valley Organics Herbal Tea

What is herbal tea?

It's a surprisingly common question and one that we're more than happy to answer. True tea plants (Camellia sinensis) are a species of evergreen grown in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. This is the plant used to make true teas, including oolong, green, black, and white teas. There are several varieties of C. sinensis, each of which makes a different tea. True tea leaves contain caffeine and are sometimes blended with other ingredients for added flavor. But, since most true tea comes to the U.S. from halfway around the world and it's often grown with synthetic chemicals, the environmental footprint of this tea is huge.
However, herbal tea recipes like ours are not actually made from true tea leaves. Instead, they're made from various herbs and spices mixed together to make a delightfully flavorful cup of tea. Herbal teas are naturally caffeine free, and if you buy organic herbal tea online from a U.S. grower like us, not only are you supporting a small business, but you're also supporting an environmentally friendly product.
Cherry Valley Organics Herbal Tea

What's in our natural herbal tea recipes?

Without divulging our secret recipe blends, we can tell you that all seven of our organic herbal tea flavors have been formulated with great care. We work hard to blend the perfect combinations of herbs, each harvested at the peak of flavor and then flash dried in our commercial dehydrator to capture the most intense flavor possible.
We offer seven herbal tea recipes to our customers. Click on the flavor to learn more or to buy our organic herbal tea online.
  • Tulsi - Known as "the elixir of life," our tulsi tea has an earthy flavor that's both sweet and spicy.
  • Lemon - We combine lemon verbena with lemon balm, lemon basil, and other lemon-flavored herbs to make this citrusy herbal tea.
  • Cinnamon Apple - Created from a mix of cinnamon basil, apple mint, and wild crabapples, you can't go wrong with this organic herbal tea.
  • Happy Blend - Designed with happiness in mind, this herbal tea recipe uses mint, lemon balm, and other strong-flavored herbs to brighten your spirits without caffeine.
  • Rose Orange - The sweet, flowery flavor of rose geranium partners beautifully with dried orange peel for a simple, fruity organic herbal tea.
Cherry Valley Organics Herbal Tea
  • Pineapple Sage and Rosemary - A delightful blend of herbs whose flavor is both citrusy and fragrant.
  • Licorice - Our licorice herbal tea aids in digestion and calms the stomach. A blend of anise-flavored herbs, this natural herbal tea recipe is a customer favorite.
Cherry Valley Organics Herbal Tea

How do we package our natural herbal teas?  

After blending the ingredients, our herbal teas are carefully hand-packed into biodegradable paper tea bags. The bags are then placed into tubes made from 100% recycled paper. That means everything that goes into making our herbal teas is compostable, which means zero waste!
Buy organic herbal tea online from Cherry Valley Organics  
When you want to buy organic herbal tea online, look no further than our farm. We ship our small-batch, organic herbal teas right to your door, year-round, anywhere in the U.S.  
Buy all of our organic herbal teas by clicking here
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Cherry Valley Organics Herbal Tea
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