Microgreens Supplier in Pittsburgh: Cherry Valley Organics Farm

Microgreens Supplier in Pittsburgh: Cherry Valley Organics Farm

If you're a chef, restaurateur, or even a home cook who's looking for a microgreens supplier in Pittsburgh, we have you covered! Our microgreens are crunchy, delicious, and packed with nutrients. And, our USDA organic certification means our microgreens are free from synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides. Hand-grown under exacting standards, our wide selection of microgreens can supply your Pittsburgh kitchen from April through November.  

Why we're the best microgreens supplier in Pittsburgh  

Cherry Valley Organics Microgreens
Cherry Valley Organics has grown microgreens for sale in Pittsburgh for nearly a decade. We grow our microgreens in our greenhouse under natural sunlight, not inside a concrete building under artificial lights. The compost-based organic growing medium we use results in more flavorful and nutritious microgreens than those grown in peat-based potting soils under LED or other artificial lighting systems.
Cherry Valley Organics Microgreens
From seed to harvest, everything about our microgreens sold in Pittsburgh is held to the exacting standards of the USDA organic certification process. Even the seeds we purchase for growing microgreens are organic.
We harvest our microgreens at the peak of their flavor by hand, using a sharp cutting tool to ensure they're cleanly cut and resulting in longer shelf life. Then our microgreens are carefully packaged and labeled so you know exactly what's inside each bag.

Cherry Valley Organics Microgreens

Where to buy our microgreens in Pittsburgh

As a microgreens supplier in Pittsburgh, we cannot ship microgreens via the postal system due to their perishable nature. But, there are several ways you can purchase our microgreens. If you're a chef or restaurateur in the area, please contact us via email at info@cherryvalleyorganics.com or give us a call at 724-947-0170 for details on pricing or to place an order. We can deliver our microgreens directly to your Pittsburgh-area restaurant (order minimums apply).
If you're a home cook, you can special order microgreens for pick up at the Saturday morning farmer's market in Sewickley, PA, or become a member of the Cherry Valley Organics Farm Share Program and receive a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of an assortment of our organic fruits and vegetables, including our microgreens.
Cherry Valley Organics Microgreens

Types of microgreens sold in Pittsburgh by Cherry Valley Organics  

Our microgreen-growing season runs from early April through November. The exact varieties of microgreens we sell changes throughout the growing season according to the growing preferences of each variety, as well as to the needs of the chefs we work with. If you're interested in adding any of the following microgreens to your menu, or if there are other varieties you'd like us to grow for you, feel free to get in touch with us.  
Here's a list of the varieties we currently grow:
  • 'Red Garnet' Amaranth - The red-pink coloration of this stunning microgreen is found on both the leaves and the stems. Plus, they pack a ton of flavor into a pretty little package.
Cherry Valley Organics Microgreens
  • Arugula - With the classic peppery flavor of full-grown arugula, these microgreens add quite a kick to salads, sandwiches, and fish dishes.
  • Sweet Basil - Who doesn't love basil? Even though our basil microgreens are itty bitty in size, they sure hit it big in the flavor department. Every complex note of mature basil is found in basil microgreens as well.
Cherry Valley Organics Microgreens
  • Beets - The earthy, sweet flavor of beet microgreens is an experience all its own. A great microgreen for spring dishes, we grow both red-leaved and green-leaved types.
  • Broccoli - People always seem to be surprised that broccoli microgreens taste exactly like broccoli florets. You can definitely taste the classic broccoli flavor in this customer-favorite microgreen.
  • Kale - Packed with nutrition, kale microgreens are sweeter and far more tender than mature kale leaves are. We can't ever grow enough of this variety because it's one of our favorites, too.
  • Mizuna - If you've never tried this Asian green, mizuna microgreens are a great way to sample its flavor. With a hint of mustard flavor, these microgreens add a surprising amount of flavor in spite of their small size.
  • Peas - Pea microgreens are also sometimes called pea shoots. Their mild, pea-like flavor tastes just like spring. We grow them as both an early- and late-season crop because they much prefer cooler temperatures.
Cherry Valley Organics Microgreens
  • Radishes - The peppery bite of a radish microgreen is a slightly milder version of a radish root. Quick to germinate and fast growing, we have a near constant supply of radish microgreens in the spring and fall. They're reliable and delicious.
  • Sunflowers - Sunflower microgreens (also called sunflower shoots) are among the most unusual microgreens for sale in Pittsburgh. This summertime microgreen is incredibly nutritious. and the nutty flavor is beyond compare. We love them on tomato sandwiches with a bit of mayo and some salt and pepper, but these young sunflower seedlings are also great in salads, wraps, pita pockets, and as a garnish.
Cherry Valley Organics Microgreens
If you're looking for a microgreen supplier in Pittsburgh, we hope you'll be in touch. Email us at info@cherryvalleyorganics.com or contact us via our website's contact page
Cherry Valley Organics Microgreens
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