You either love it, or you hate it: Patchouli

You either love it, or you hate it: Patchouli

Love it or Hate it?
What do you think of patchouli?

"OMG, I love patchouli!"


"Ugh - I hate patchouli!"

We hear these reactions all the time from our customers.
Patchouli (pəˈCHo͞olē), Pogostemon cablin, is a unique scent that many either love or hate. There really is no middle ground with this unique earthy, slightly sweet, and spicy scent.
Frequently, we hear from our patchouli loving customers about how their younger hippie selves used patchouli back in the 60-70's as perfume. We also hear another version of the story that patchouli fragrance was popularized by many instead to mask the scent of marijuana in their cars or bedrooms.
Whatever its history, patchouli is commonly used today in modern perfumery and medicinally as an antiseptic, anti-depressant, aphrodisiac, deodorant, sedative, and tonic.
To read more about the benefits, uses, and research behind patchouli oil, check out this article by

Patchouli plant growing in our greenhouse. 

Patchouli Plants
Native to Southeast Asia, patchouli prefers to be in a hot environment, but out of direct sunlight, making it a wonderful, low care tropical houseplant. Growing to a 2-3 feet tall bushy plant, patchouli plants require at least a 12" diameter container when grown indoors, with frequent watering.
In the spring, we do sell patchouli plants for you to purchase and enjoy in your own home.

Bath bag mixture being scented with patchouli essential oil.

Gentle & Mild Patchouli Herbal Soap.


Patchouli Aromatherapy 
We love using organic patchouli essential oil, as well as dried leaves grown on the farm, in our aromatherapy products. The essential oil that we purchase is extracted by steam-distillation, meaning that the oils are extracted by exposing the plant to steam, and then collected using a still. Chemical solvents are not needed. We also use 100% organic patchouli leaves grown at the farm in our bath bags, salts, and potpourri.


Patchouli Herbal Bath Salts.

Patchouli Herbal Bath Bags.

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Patchouli Herbal Roll-on & Spray Fragrances for body, bedding, cars, rooms, and more!

Patchouli Herbal Soap for body, hands, & more.

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