Meet Our Wholesale Customer Experience Specialist: Melissa Kilmer

A new addition to the CVO team, Melissa was brought on to help with our ever-expanding wholesale side of the farm.  Melissa was born and raised in rural Ohio, where she remembers harvesting herbs and tomatoes straight from her fathers garden. Something about having fresh herbs & produce on the dinner table made family meals that much more meaningful.  Her love of plants and gardening has continued, and even though she lives in the city of Pittsburgh with a small backyard, she attempts to grow & harvest her own small garden hoping to pass on the love of home cooking & gardening to her own children. 


Melissa moved to Pittsburgh to pursue an Art degree.  Graduating in 2002, she pursued portrait photography and ran her own business for many years.  With the ever changing landscape in the art world, she began to find other opportunities to pursue in addition to keeping photography on the side.  After dabbling in many hobbies, she found that she has a passion for community and supporting the local economy.  After all, if you want to have a great neighborhood you need to roll your sleeves up and do what has to be done to create the community you want to raise your family in. 

Melissa is an avid volunteer in her local community and helps to organize community events that bring foot traffic to the area and supports the businesses there.  From events like farm markets, to business development opportunities, Melissa believes in supporting small businesses and has a passion for helping them benefit and grow.  She hopes to bring that same success to her role at Cherry Valley Organics and encourage small businesses in the Pittsburgh area and beyond, to carry the CVO product line making Cherry Valley Organics a well-known name.


Melissa is always striving for success, she grows alongside her plants and peers, helping everywhere she can.  Melissa works and volunteers while raising her children, working to give them their best lives.  As much as she is a plant lover, she is also an animal lover.  Melissa is constantly adoring any animal she comes across, secretly longing for a farm of her own.  Her three dogs are a huge part of her life and she loves the time she spends with them.  Even with how busy she constantly stays, she loves to escape by sitting by a nice campfire, reading a good book, working in her garden, going kayaking or paddle boarding, and helping around the community. 

If you are a new or existing wholesale customer, please reach out to Melissa at to learn more about everything Cherry Valley Organics has to offer your business!  Looking forward!