Wholesale Flower Truck

Are you a florist in the Pittsburgh area?

From May through October, we sell a selection of our specialty cut flowers literally off the back of the truck to florists all over the Pittsburgh area. We also work directly with event florists to provide large quantities of flowers for their events. If you are a florist or event designer and would like to receive our weekly availability lists via email or participate in our flower truck, please contact Jodi atjodi@cherryvalleyorganics.com.

Since 2001

Cherry Valley Organics is a certified organic producer of fruit, herb, vegetable, flower, and potted plant crops. We are also a certified organic processor and handler of dried herbs, dried fruits/vegetables, herbal teas, and herb-infused vinegar.

CSA Pittsburgh Farm Share Program

We're excited to be able to provide your family with a wide selection of delicious, organic fruits and vegetables each and every week throughout the growing season. Cherry Valley Organics is one of only a few USDA Certified Organic farms in Western Pennsylvania, and our Farm Share program is among the most unique CSAs in Pittsburgh.